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Down Ballot

DownBallot™ is all about empowering your campaign with the ability to utilize the vast new resource that is the World Wide Web. We work closely with you and your staff to integrate social media outreach into your campaign.


With the dynamic and fast-changing electoral process today, it’s important that your campaign stays on top of the competition in both reach and message. A large audience of active supporters online can make the difference between staying ahead and controlling the message or always playing catch-up and being forced to defend instead of move forward.


Without a strong core following that is given up-to-the-minute information for fast action, a candidate today can quickly find the competition controlling the campaign and shutting down a chance at winning.


With DownBallot™, you can control the message, gain a wider audience, build a strong constituency of voters, and harness both a broader range of support and a stronger media presence. Let us show you how.